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7 Steps to Holistic Health Plan

7 Steps to Holistic Health Plan

Improving Your Body, Mind & Spirit
Only 30 Minutes of Your Day To Feel Amazing!
Why Not? Anyone Can Do It!

Step 1 - An Attitude of Gratitude & Heavy Metal Detox - Oil Pulling Detox

Begin your day with a clean heart & tongue. Have an Attitude of Gratitude! Thank our Creator, for allowing you to wake up and grant you another opportunity to better your health, your life and the world about you.

As often as you are able, cleanse your tongue, mouth and glands with the Ayurvedic method of Oil Pulling Detoxification. This is a very effective method of ridding the body of toxic Heavy Metals. Learn more about oil pulling therapy. (NOTE: A Chlorella shot (1 oz) can be substituted for Oil)

Step 2 - HydroProx 35 in 24 oz of Water

As a morning detox for cleansing and elimination, place 1/4 tsp of HydroProx-35  8% in 24 ounces of PFL Water, or purified water, and increase by 1 drop each day (until you reach a maximum of 10 drops). Drink in 4 portions, with each portion at least 1 minute apart. Don't eat or drink ANYTHING else for 30-45 minutes. This helps revitalize your body and to destroy the destructive bacteria, viruses and parasites within, then it helps to stimulate your immunity and the elimination of decay and toxins. See suggested usage of HydroProx-35 AND read how water is essential for health.

Step 3 - Ocean Breath Breathing & Aerobic Exercise

Ocean Breath Breathing & Aerobic Exercise Ocean Breath Breathing helps to eliminate toxic gasses from your lungs and to oxygenate, energize and detoxify your blood and respiratory system. Do it by itself and/or during your exercise. About the ocean breath breathing method.

Rebounding - One of the most effective methods of energizing your metabolism and your overall wellbeing, is to jumpstart your body for the day. Working up to 5 minutes of aerobic exercise on a Rebounder (the small round trampoline), will give you all the exercise you need. Other programs and forms of exercise are fine, but they are mainly for your looks. Our studies show that rebounding gives you the "biggest bang for the buck". While exercising your muscles and benefiting your cardio and respiratory systems, rebounding also stimulates your lymphatic system to detoxify.

Step 4 - Vital Life Nutrients Ultimate Nutrition Shake

When you have had a chance to "catch your breath" and 30-45 minutes has past, since taking your HydroProx-35, it's time to take your suggested serving of Vital Life Nutrients nutrition shake. If you are still hungry you can eat a little breakfast but, eat something fresh and healthy. Important: Avoid eating any dairy products either 1 hour before or after taking your VLN, dairy is an anti-nutrient and will nullify many of the benefits of the nutrients!

Step 5 - Enjoy a Day of Sun, Fun & "Good" Food

Now you're ready for whatever life has in store for you today. Try to get as much of your body skin exposed to the sun for at least 10 to 30 minutes. Keep in good humour - laugh as often as possible - its good medicine! Eat sensibly, especially if you are dieting. Avoid unhealthy snacking. Try to follow the guidelines, that are listed in our articles, to assist you in better eating habits. Simply put, make sure you eat three times more fruits and vegetables as you do anything else on your plate! We have articles that cover what foods to eat and which foods cause or prevent disease.

Step 6 - Re-Hydrate & The Amazing Tonic-Klenz Daily Tonic

Throughout the day, drink at least 5 additional 8 ounce glasses of liquids such as; the PFL Alkalinizer Water or purified water water,  green tea and/or fresh juiced vegetables with berries. You need this to keep flushing out the toxins and wastes that your body consumes and produces, on a daily basis! This is one of the MOST important aspects of good health and longevity.

The Tonic-Klenz is a complete daily body cleanser, balancer, energizer and rejuvenator. Take 2 Tablespoons in 6 to 8 ounces of water and follow with another 8 ounces of water. Hydration of the fibers is very important for the Tonic-Klenz to be the most effective.

Note: Tonic-Klenz is best taken between 2 PM and 4 PM in the afternoon. If this will not work for you, then do not take within 1 hour before or after any meals or supplements.

Step 7 - The Alkalinizer & Thanks Giving 

For a clear constitution, conscience and heart, take The Eliminator , before going to sleep, to neutralize excess acid and move toxins through your system, while you sleep.

Remember - anger, bitterness, worry and stress are toxic to the whole body and soul, and will defeat your efforts in living long and healthy. Thank our Creator, that He brought you through another day and for the blessings of good health and long life. And, don't forget to forgive everyone, including yourself, then - be at peace.

In Conclusion to The 7 Step Holistic Plan

If you follow the above 7 Steps, the rest generally takes care of itself. Don't worry any more about your health or what else you have to do. Now, go and enjoy your life!

FDA required Nutritional Products disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and/or suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any specific disease.


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