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Amazingly different from other brands!

It's hard to believe that one can find baking soda amazing but this product is! I use sodium bicarbonate and peroxide to brush my teeth and after using it my teeth felt like I had gone to the dentist as my teeth felt totally polished. The consistency is entirely different from any other sodium bicarbonate I've ever used. It is very fine and does not clump.


Excellent Customer Service

Through no fault of their own, my order was lost (probably stolen) after it was delivered to my residence. Although I certainly did not expect it, Prescribed for Life issued a full refund. This is a wonderful company to do business with - extremely prompt shipping and a customer service department that actually provides customer service. Highly recommend.



Heaven Sent for all my Beauty / Hygiene Needs!

I use this for everything! Face masks, brushing my teeth, my back acne, exfoliating...I even consume it with water for a cleanse! This stuff is amazing! I love that it's all natural and a little goes a looooooong way. One bag will last me years, even with regular use. There are so many uses for this stuff! I've been seeing a lot of beauty products that now boast of using activated charcoal as a luxury item, and I giggle knowing that I got a whole bag of this magical stuff for an amazing price. The powder is very fine and easy to mix with any cleansing body product (body wash, toothpaste, shampoo, etc...) of your choice for an added kick. Would recommend 100%!




Justo lo que anuncian es lo que se recibe, es de buena calidad!!! Lo recomiendo al 100%


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