What to Eat? The Ideal -OR- The Practical

The Acid-Binding, Waste Eliminating, Life Building Diet

A Simplified Understanding of Body Function and The Foundation of Disease

The body is like an elastic plumbing (pipe) system. Primarilly, the circulatory (blood), alimentary (digestive) and respiratory (breathing) systems. All processes and functions are conducted and flow through a massive series of capillaries, veins, arteries, tubes and valves. Our, so called, "civilized" diet is never fully digested and the waste properly or thoroughly eliminated. This pipe system is gradually congested. At the location of any symptom or disease, one can find congestion or some form of blockage. Most all disease begins to breed and incubate within the digestive tract. This accumulated and putrified waste is the basis of almost all disease! Therefore, this waste must be continually loosened, and intelligently and carefully eliminated, in order to maintain and/or regain good health and long life.

TEST: The tongue reflects the internal condition of the body. If there is an off white, pasty film on it, the body is congested with mucus, toxins and decayed food. Try this test after you wake up in the morning. Take a dry white cloth, wrap it around your finger, then press it down on the middle and back of your tongue and rub. The residue that you will see on the cloth is toxic mucous that is being eliminated from your body through your tongue. Remember, you are what you eat !

The Ideal Foods For Mankind

“A Variety of raw fruits, green leaf vegetables and herbs; eating only similar type items at each meal, two main meals per day.”

These foods not only provide the body with all of the nutrition necessary for maintaining a fit body, high energy, great health and a long happy life but, they also act as natural body detoxifiers, waste eliminators and they build the body's immune system, and assist in fighting off all manner of attacking disease. Better yet, you can eat all you want!

NOTE: Although, this is the most ideal and the healthiest way for humans to eat, it may not be practicle or fit into your lifestyle. Furthurmore, if you are not accustomed to it, it would not be wise for you to drasticaly and precisely follow this diet. Too rapid of a diet change could be dangerous. The detoxification process would be too drastic for your body to handle, releasing high levels of toxins into your bowels and blood, which could cause you to become very ill. You MUST begin slowly with a Transitional Diet and frequent short fasts. And even if you don't always eat the "ideal" foods in the "ideal" way, the closer you come to it, the better off you will be.

The Transitional Diet - Get On The Road to Self Healing

Added to the "ideal diet" above: Eat raw, rough, starchless vegetables, for their digestive system scrubbing and cleansing qualities. Cooked ones are to be used as food. Fruits that are baked and stewed are less aggressive in their action to dissolve poisons, mucous and to bind and neutralize harmful foods.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Raw fruits and vegetables speed up detoxification, cooked ones are slower acting. You must learn to balance between raw and cooked ones, according to your body's response, don't detox too fast. If you feel ill, from too rapid of a detox, slow it down by eating cooked ones! It took you many years to get your body into its present condition so, allow yourself the necessary time to cleanse and heal !

A Guide To Better Health

On digestion

On your digestive system, breakfast is the harshest meal of the day. No foods should be eaten until you have been awake for at least 1 hours. (If you need to, since liquids pass through the stomach quickly, you should drink 4, six ounce glasses of water, 30 seconds apart, and/or including, herb tea, weak coffee, apple cider or other non-acid fruit juice. )

In the 10 to 12 hours after eating your last meal, along with sleeping, your stomach is now free from food and your body begins the detoxification/eliminating process of a fast (a fast is the time when there is no food in your stomach being digested). This morning fast time is extremely important to deeply cleanse the body. Eating too early, breaks the fast thus, (breakfast = break-fast = break the fast), and stops the process. The cleansing process of a fast never feels good, so whenever you eat, you stop the process and therefore, begin to "feel better". But, just because you now "feel better" doesn't mean that its better for you. All you have done is numbed the pain and pushed the toxins deeper into your system, to be ignored for a while. Therefore, the more wastes you accumulate, the hungrier you will get, for more food, more often, which stops the deep cleansing process, so you can feel better and satisfied. This eating habit cycle, "so you can feel better", builds up congested mucous, toxins, fats and bacterium, which diminish your body's resistance to colds, flu and disease and may actually breed them. You also don't give your body the necessary time to break down fats into energy and to eliminate the excess fats, insead of saving it for a "rainy day". Eventually you become a walking cesspool, full of congested mucous, poisons and unwanted fat.

How many meals per day?

Two large meals a day are best. Lunch around 10 or 11 AM and dinner around 5 or 6 PM. The fewer number of items you eat for your meal, the better. It's easier on the digestive tract. Don't eat solid foods within 4 hours of going to sleep; they decay in your stomach as you sleep and you will retain more fats and toxins

Although, eating six small meals and snacks a day may be helpful for stimulating the metabolism, for weight loss purposes, it doesn't allow your body the necessary time, after digestion, to deeply cleanse itself. (see above reason) The more items you mix and eat during a meal, complicates and prolongs their digestion. The more complex the meal, the more time you need between meals.

How to satisfy meat cravings?

Eat as much fresh, cooked or dried fruits and vegetables as you desire for your meal. On a day when you have a great meat craving, by eating only vegetables and NO fruit, the craving will be satisfied. (avoid sulphur dioxide treated dried fruits)

If you eat, as described above, it doesn't matter how much you eat at a meal. Your body will have the necessary time to properly utilize the food and eliminate the waste. A strong meat craving indicates a heavy detox coming on. If you eat fruits during this time, the detox will be much too intense; vegetables slow it down.

Why chewing matters

When you eat, chew each bite thoroughly, from 30 to 45 times. Always eat fruits first, wait 15 minutes, then eat the vegetables, and eat your entire meal within 45 minutes.

The longer you chew, the sooner you will feel full and not eat as much. The better you chew your food, into very small pieces, and the more salivary digestive juices there are in the chewed food, the more complete the digestion and utilization of the nutrients. Foods that digest the fastest should be eaten first to prepare the stomach. Fruits digest faster than starchless vegetables, which are faster than starchy ones or proteins.

Don't drink liquids during your meal

Never drink anything during your meal! Drink 20 minutes before you eat and wait at least 30 minutes until after you have eaten to drink again. About 4 ounces of Hot soup broth or Herbal tea may be consumed during a meal. In order to lose weight and detoxify effectively, you should never drink sweet beverages during a meal. Your body will use the sugar for energy and store any fats from the meal.

Liquids during a meal dilute digestive enzymes and inhibits nutrient breakdown and absorption. Purified water, see our water treatment systems, with lemon or herb tea, at least 8 to 12 glasses per day, is necessary for good health; its a natural cleanser and it curbs the appetite and you may drink it throughout the day. The water in sodas, beer, coffee, etc. is NOT an acceptable substitute for the water you require. The water in these beverages is used by the body to wash away the unusable components within the beverage itself. Sweet drinks between meals, sets up the digestive process which, stops detoxification and the conversion of fats into energy. You're now using the sugars from the beverage to provide energy instead of using the fasting process conversion of fats into energy for your energy and to lose weight. Un-sugared coffee or tea will mildly stimulate your metabolism to help burn fat.

The benefits of enemas and detoxifying

If you do not experience a regular bowel movement before going to sleep, always assist with an gentle enema and/or an herbal intestinal cleanser. After a harsh, detoxifying fecal elimination, do a water or coffee enema wash. This is an additional means to purify and wash toxins from the colon.

During detoxification, it is necessary to eliminate as much undigested foods, wastes and toxins as quickly as possible. A water or coffee enema also helps wash away the sticky toxic mucous residue in the rectum, after elimination, that reabsorbs, which may cause nausia and/or headaches during detoxification. You will feel fresher and cleaner.

Short 1 to 3 day fasts, (liquids only- every 3 to 4 hours), are extremely beneficial and therapeutic for deeply detoxifying the body & blood. The fast-est way to good health and weight loss. (No more than once a week.)

Therapeutic activities: exercise, massage, singing, dancing, laughter, Ocean Breathing, deep breathing fresh air, nude sun baths, classical music. These stimulate better digestion, metabolization of fats, toxin elimination and good health.

Avoid the Bad Foods!

Avoid all meats, especially beef, cheese, and whole milk. Also, avoid bleached white flours, breads, raw cereals, oatmeal, white rice, pasta, dried beans and peas, nuts, margarine, butter, fried foods, animal and vegetable fats and oils, chocolates, table salt, except for Sea Salt, and all packaged foods made with partially hydrogenated oils, preservatives and food color.

These Foods Clog Your System Causing Toxic Mucus, Obesity, and Disease.

Less Harmful Forms of Certain Bad Foods

If necessary, during the Transitional Diet, use only in moderation. The following list of foods digest better and/or faster thereby, producing less toxic acid mucous than the other foods in the above list.

Bread - 100% whole wheat or pumpernickel, toasted is always best; These breads have less of the gummy gluten, used to keep bread soft but, it clogs your system like paste. Toasting, breaks down the gluten.

Meat - broiled or baked white fish with lemon is better then all other meats and digests the fastest; Free range, NO hormone/antibiotic chicken or turkey breast are next. (Beef is 80% worst than all other meats, including shell fish.)

Dairy - Almond milk is best, then skim or 1/2 % milk, low fat yogurt, almond milk cheese, low fat cottage cheese, low fat sour cream, buttermilk; avoid other milk and cheese products which produce entirely too much mucous; Butter Buds, Smart Balance or Fleishman's Fat Free liquid spread are the best butter / margarine substitutes; Eat whole eggs, boiled or firmly cooked;

Cereals & Grains - well toasted or baked, or you'll have the same gluten problem as bread; boil wild rice, and/or brown rice--poor off the starchy water ; if you must use white rice, use Uncle Ben's (surface starch removed); for any starchy vegetables, bake them longer which, breaks down the starch and reduces their harm.

Pasta - whole wheat is best or a 50/50 blend but, if you must use regular pasta, rinse well and top with generous amounts of tomato and/or vegetable sauces to help offset the clogging effect of the pasty pasta

Cooking & Salad Oils - Coconut Oil is the BEST for cooking, frying or eating. For liquid salad oil use first pressed and cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil; NEVER use lard or partially hydrogenated oils, like margarine or solid Crisco; these oils do not digest and cause the greatest cholesterol & weight problems. (You can make your own Mayonaise with Coconut Oil)

Nuts - raw almonds are the best, then raw coconut, hazelnuts; best eaten sparingly in winter with dried, sweet fruits; nuts alone are too high in protein and fats; the dried fruit helps to neutralize the harmful effects of the protein and fats. Do not eat dried fruits processed with sulfur dioxide.

Sweeteners - use raw Local honey or unrefined evaporated sugar cane juice, like Back2Organic Raw Sugar. NEVER use Nutrasweet, it converts in the body into poisonous methanol which, causes brain damage; also avoid Sweet n' Low, Splenda, which also converts to poisons and releases the chlorine used in their processing. High Fructose corn syrup does not digest and is stored as fat, instead of being utilized as energy.

Candy - hard candy and sweets made with cane sugar are better but, not in between meals because, the sugar will be utilized for energy instead of stored fats

Alcohol - red wine is the preferred choice, then other wines, in moderation; 2nd choice, a pale ale, which is less acid producing than beer or any liquor

Salads - use any lettuce except iceberg, it is not a true lettuce and actually strips the body of nutrients through its digestion; use lemon juice, it converts to sugar through digestion, not white vinegar, it puts too much acid into your system; real unfiltered apple cider vinegar is acceptable; avoid bottled salad dressings that use partially hydrogenated oils and preservatives

Salt - use Sea Salt or Morton's salt substitute (potassium chloride), and you will not retain water, as with table salt. Also, the flowing agent used in table salt is aluminum chloride, which is toxic and is the cause of coronary disfunction. Table salt is what the doctors are warning you against, not Sea Salt. The balance of other minerals in Sea Salt, offsets any harmful effects of the sodium content.

Pepper - use red or white pepper, they digest better than black pepper and they stimulate better digestion. Black pepper sticks to the lining of the stomach and colon and causes irritation.

Cooking - bake, broil, steaming or waterless cooking is always better than greasy frying or boiling. Obviously, frying provides excessive fats and boiling removes too many nutrients, which are generally thrown away with the water.


For Those Who Insist On Eating Unhealthy Foods and Meats!

Following a strict Transitional diet and then the fruitarian / vegetarian lifestyle is most critical for those who have latent disease or especially those with obvious disease conditions or illness. Don't expect your body to be able to efficiently and effectively heal itself if you don't completely stop the source of irritation and give your body the nutritional support that it needs to fight with. Everything that your body has become, is a result of what you have ingested, your diet is what made or gave you the condition of the body that you now have. Change will only happen when a change in diet and lifestyle occurs. Don't expect a change in health to come about when nothing changes in your lifestyle! Depending on the severity of your condition, how quickly you want to be healed and how important your health and life is to you, will determine how far you will go with this new lifestyle.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always have what you've always had.....and it will probably get worse!

It is understandable that there are many people in our American culture that feel it is impossible for them to be a strict fruitarian / vegetarian, as I have outlined in this paper. They may even feel that my list of "less harmful forms of bad foods" is also too restrictive of a diet guideline. Some people have said that they would never become a strict fruitarian / vegetarian, but they would seriously consider abiding by the transitional diet. But, even if one would live in accordance with the transitional diet, they would receive significant health benefits.

But, what about the "bad food" and meat eaters and the cheaters! What do you do during those times at Thanksgiving, Christmas, business banquets and dinner dates, when everyones' eating all those tasty dishes and meats? What would happen if I ate a little or even allot? Isn't there some way to counteract the bad effects or make there effects less harmful? YES!

In addition to following the guidelines that I have listed under the headings "A Guide To Better Health" and "Less Harmful Forms Of Bad Foods", there are a few other suggestions to help counteract the harmful effects of an unhealthy meal.

First review the list of "Bad Foods To Avoid" which have very harmful effects that must be counteracted. You must remember what these food groups and types are, so that you know how and when to counteract their effects. Also, don't eat too much of the bad foods or too often!

Mixing certain foods creates even bigger problems! Try not to combined different bad foods during the same meal. Mixing any type of dairy with any type of meat, even in small amounts, produces incomplete digestion and the meat rots in the stomach, creating acids and mucous. Watery foods and oily foods don't mix or digest well, so you will absorb the oil as fat.

Let 3/4 of your meal consist of fruits and vegetables , which you should eat first. They help break down the bad foods and push them through the system.

Take a 1/2 serving of Vital Life Nutrients before and after a compromising meal, it will help to quickly digest and move out the harmful properties, with minimal fat absorption. If you only take Vital Life Nutrients with meals for weight control, take 1/8 cup before and after your meals.

For better cleansing and elimination make an enema, with a little olive oil, garlic and a pinch of cayenne pepper, which will quickly stimulate elimination and then follow with a clear water enema after elimination.

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