Mission & Vision

Mission Statement


To provide the highest quality and purest form of natural ingredients, whole foods, weight management programs, alkaline water & filtration products, and holistic supplies to individuals across the globe who are health-minded and determined to live life in a truthful & natural manner in partnership with Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants.


Vision Statement


Our desire is to interest, educate and encourage you into making our Natural & Organic Food & Ingredient Powders an integral part of your daily health plan. Our goal is to provide you with information, foods and ingredients that will supply the broadest spectrum of therapies to assist your body in its struggle to achieve and maintain good health and a long and happy existence.


Before there were medicine men available to give counsel and instructions for healing, the body of man was magnificently designed to be a perfectly self-adjusting and self-healing entity. The body was commissioned to be its’ own Physician, to “Doctor” and heal its self. It was genetically encoded to process and utilize the consumable foods and drinks to build, support, heal and sustain itself for a duration of days.


The ability of the body to perform at its optimum capacity is exactly proportionate to the quality and diversity of required consumables. You have heard the saying, “You are what you eat” and “garbage in, garbage out”. Well that applies not only to what you breath, eat and drink but, also to what you allow into your thoughts, emotions, heart and soul. We deliver healthy products that help you realign all these areas, from the inside out.


Prescribed For Life is the premier online supplier of all Natural & Organic Nutritional Blended Products, Whole Foods, Herbal Weight Management Products, Alkaline Water Filtration Systems, Zero Calorie Natural Sweeteners, Vitamin, Mineral & Protein Powders, Organic Chia Seeds, Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal Powder, and Bulk Ingredients for Production or Commercial Applications. We consistently aim to deliver our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to our retail customers and business partners alike!


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