5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) or Oxitriptan

Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract Mood, appetite, seratonin regulation, sleep, hyperactivity, nervousness, headaches, menstrual symptoms, drug withdrawals Antidepressant drugs, overconsumption (6+ grams daily)

5-Methyl Folate (5-MTHF) Vitamin B-9

5-MethylTetraHydroFolate Pure Folic Acid Powder Heart health, hemoglobin, immune system, bone strength, neurological support, mood management, colon health, fetal support Fosphenytoin, Methotrexate , Phenobarbita, overconsumption (800+ mcg daily)

7-Keto-DHEA (7-Ketodehydroepiandrosterone)

7-oxoprasterone natural steroid Immune optimizer, mental well-being, memory, weight management, general health, mood, anti-aging, metabolism Pregnancy, nursing, prescription drugs, overconsumption (400+ mg daily)


Acesulfame Potassium Weight management, general health, appetite regulation, body weight, blood sugar control, dental health Overconsumption (200+ grams daily)

African Mango

Irvingia gabonesis Energy, metabolism, weight lose, cholesterol levels, cell growth, metabolism, brain support, appetite control, antioxidant Overconsumption (1000+ mg daily)

Aloe Vera Leaf

Aloe barbadensis Immune system, general health, skin, digestive system, joint function, antioxidant support, body cleansers Digoxin (Lanoxin), medications for diabetes, overconsumption (15+ mL daily)

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Pure natural powder Antioxidant, weight loss, memory, heart support, energy, cell damage, against free radicals, blood sugar, eye health Medications for cancer, antidiabetes drugs, overconsumption

Amygdalin Vitamin B-17

Prunus armeniaca L. seed extract General health, immune system, relieves pain, blood pressure, healthy heart, kidney support, mood, liver function Blood pressure medications, probiotics

Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic powdered vinegar Weight loss, skin, heart support, antibacterial, balance pH, cleaner, whitener, acid reflux, blood sugar balance, anti-fungal Digoxin, Insulin overconsumption (250+ mL daily)

Apple Fiber

Whole apple concentrate Digestive regularity, circulation, general health, healthy heart, lung function, healthy flora, skin, immune system Antibiotics, Digoxin, Lovastatin


Marine trace minerals Joint health, a source of calcium and minerals, heart health, strong bones, an antioxidant, veins and arteries support

Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C Immunity, good mood, heart support, antioxidant, strong bones and teeth, brain health, healthy cells, hormones, blood flow Aluminum, chemotherapy, estrogens, overconsumption (2000+ mg daily)

Ashwaghanda Root 4:1

Withania somnifera Mood, focus, hormones, muscle strength, brain function, memory, menstrual symptoms, revitalization, fertility, immunity, vitality Immunosuppressants, sedative medications

Astaxanthin Algae

Haematococcus plurialis Antioxidant, immune system, eye health, brain, nervous system, overall health, inflammatory response, mood, blood sugar support

Astragalus Root

Astragalus membranaceus Immune system, energy, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular system, anti-aging, stress, kidney function, bones, anti-fibrotic Lithium, immunosuppressants

Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C Antioxidant, immune system suport, antiviral, cardiovascular health, blood pressure levels, eye health, mood, brain health, gut protect Aluminum, Estrogens, Fluphenazine

Bacopa Leaf

Bacopa monnieri Brain support, concentration, memory, mood, antimicrobial, pain and fever, skin health, liver support, immune system, anxiety Hypothyroid medicine, Phenytoin


Berberis vulgaris Immune system, energy, antimicrobial, antidiarrheal, antioxidant, skin health, calm mood, bones, kidney support, appetite Cyclosporine, medications changed by the liver

Beet Root Powder

Beta vulgaris Antioxidant, liver support, blood pressure, heart health, energy level, brain health, blood sugar, bones and teeth, weight loss


Vitamin B1 Nervous system, circulation, red cells, memory, anti-aging, metabolism, brain support, eye health, menstrual symptoms Overconsumption (3+ grams daily)

Bentonite Clay

Sodium montmorillonite bentonite Detox, antibacterial, skin health, digestive system, immune system, teeth and gums health, heavy metals, pH balance

Betaine Anhydrous TMG

Pure trimethylglycine powder Healthy homocysteine levels, methylation processes, metabolism, nervous system, brain, immune system, liver support

Betaine HCL

Natural USP fine granular Digestive support, probiotic, enzymes, healthy flora, skin health, food sensitivities, liver toxicity, stomach support, heart support


Butylated hydroxytoluene crystalline granular powder Antioxidant, viral cells, skin health, sleep, mood, heart support, anti-virus, general heaalth Alcoholic beverages

Biotin-D Vitamin B7

Vitamin H Nervous system, mood, beauty, energy, weight loss, skin and hair health, strong nails, immune function, amino acid metabolism Antibiotics taken for a long time, anti-seizure medications

Black Pepper Extract

Piper longum/nigrum Antioxidant, antibacterial, cognitive function, weight loss, hair and skin, anti-inflammatory, intestinal health, toxins Lithium, medications changed by the liver

Black Walnut Extract

Juglans nigra Digestive system, skin, anti-inflammatory, heart health, immune system, respiratory conditions, sweating, heart support Oral drugs

Borax Technical Grade

Sodium borate mineral powder Cleaning agent, gums health, skin and hair, antibacterial, bone health, membrane function Estrogens, overconsumption (20+ mg daily)

Borax USP/NF Grade

USP Grade sodium borate mineral powder Cleaning, laundry, personal care, natural preservative, home remedies, healthcare, detoxification, decalcification, anti-fungal


Boswellia seratta Anti-aging, immune system, anti-inflammatory, general health, circulation, joints support, bones health, nervous system Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs


Pineapple extract powder 2400 GDU Immune strength, anti-inflammatory, heart health, veins support, healthy digestion, joint support, stomach comfort, weight loss Antibiotics, Amoxicillin


Agathosma betulina System restoration, kidney support, antiseptic, pain control, anti-aging, joint health, kidney support, menstrual symptoms Lithium, medications that slow blood clotting


Rhamnus frangula L. Digestion, laxative effect, symptoms of hemorrhoids, choleretic effect, bowel support, mild cleanse, skin, vision health Medications for inflammation


Bupleurum falcatum Immune system, liver detox, blood circulation, adrenal gland support, mood, menstrual symptoms, brain support Immunosuppressants


Arctium lappa L. Antioxidant, detox, skin health, blood pressure, digestion, liver support, blood sugar level, hormone balance, immunity Medications that slow blood clotting

Butchers Broom

Ruscus aculeatus Circulation, veins support, hemorrhoids symptoms, gastrointestinal support, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, skin health Medications used for high blood pressure, stimulant medications


Juglans cinerea Skin health, hemorrhoids symptoms, stomach suport, hemorrhoids symptoms, liver health, intestinal health, antiparasitic Digoxin, medications for inflammation


Calcium potassium phosphate сitrate Circulation, blood flow, oral support, teeth health, bone health, strength muscle, maintenance, kidney support, menstrual symptoms Ceftriaxone, antibiotics, overconsumption (1300+ mg daily)

Calcium Ascorbate

Natural USP buffered Vitamin C Antioxidant, immune system, prostate health, cells protection, bone support, skin health, stomach suport Statins, protease inhibitors, chemotherapy, overconsumption (2000+ mg daily)

Calcium Bisglycinate - 18%

Blood clotting, bones, teeth health, circulation, heart support, nervous system support, skin health

Calcium Citrate Malate

Calcium USP chelate powder Circulation, blood flow, oral support, teeth health, strong bone, strength muscle, maintenance, kidney support, menstrual symptoms Ceftriaxone, antibiotics, overconsumption (1300+ mg daily)

Calcium D-Pantothenate

Vitamin B5 Energy, metabolism, red blood cells, adrenal support, nervous system, synthesis of hormones Biotin,overconsumption (10 grams+ daily)

Calcium Lactate

Calcium USP powder Bone health, muscle contraction, vascular function, nervous system, oral support, weight anagement, blood pressure Digoxin

Caralluma Fimbriata

Powder Weight loss, appetite control, heart support, blood sugar, anti-aging, antioxidant, energy level, muscles

Carnitine-L Fumerate

Vitamin B20 Weight loss, energy levels, kidney support, heart health, blood sugar, brain support, antioxidant, mood, sleep, sexual function Acenocoumarol, thyroid hormone


Beta-Alanine & Histidine Nervous system, kidney health, brain, liver support, mood, anti-aging, endurance, body-building, antioxidant

Cascara Sagrada

Rhamnus purshiana Anti-aging, skin health, hair, digestion support, sleep, mood, weight loss, laxative effect, antimicrobial, hemorrhoids symptoms Digoxin, medications for inflammation


Cassia nomame Weight loss, kidney support, laxative effect, detox, anti-inflammatory, blood glucose levels Anticancer drugs, cholesterol-lowering drugs

Cat's Claw

Uncaria ormentosa Imunne system, inflammation, gastrointestinal support, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, digestive system Medications changed by the liver, medications for high blood pressure

Cayenne pepper

Capsicum annum Stomach suport, skin health, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, heart support, bone health, gastrointestinal support Cocaine, medications that slow blood clotting

Cha de Bugre

Cordia salicifolia cham Weight loss, blood circulation, heart function support, skin heaalth, control appetite, sleep, mood Lithium

Chanca Piedra Plant

Stone breaker Blood pressure, kidney support, liver health, antioxidant, detox, anti Inflammation, sugar blood level Lithium, medications for diabetes


Coconut Shell - Activated Digestion support,whitens teeth, toxin removal, overall health, anti-aging, high cholesterol, water filtration, hangovers Syrup of ipecac, alcohol

Chia Mia

Whole chia seed Anti-aging, antioxidant, skin, digestive health, blood pressure, blood health, blood sugar, energy and metabolism, weight loss


Chlorella pyrenoidosa Heavy metals, detox, immune system, weight loss, anti-aging, blood sugar, digestion support, metabolism, cognitive function Immunosuppressants, warfarin


Vitamin D3 Bone health, tissue support, resistant system support, teets health, skin, brain and mood, autoimmune support Aluminum, calcipotriene, digoxin, overconsumption (4000+ units daily)

Choline L-Bitartrate

Vitamin B18 Brain health, focus, memory support, synaptic plasticity, nervous system, mood, nootropic effect, weight loss, detoxification

Chromium Nicotinate

Glycinate Chelate 2.5% Blood sugar level, building muscle, weight loss, eye health, bone support, heart health, skin health, kidney support Insulin, Levothyroxine

Cinnamon Extract 10:1

Antioxidant support, sugar metabolism, immune system, heart health, antioxidant, nervous system support, brain function Medications for diabetes

Citric Acid

Fine USP granular Skin health, antibacterial, natural preservative, sprouting aid, natural cleanser


Pure conjugated linoleic acid powder Reduce body fat, body mass, weight loss support, stomach support, skin health, blood pressure, immune support

Clove Extract

Caryophyillus aromaticum Digestion health, stomach support, teeth health, bad breath symptoms, pain control, skin Medications that slow blood clotting

CMC (Sodium CMC)

Carboxy methyl cellulose USP Dry eye symptoms, antiseptic, food industry Overconsumption (2.3+ grams daily)

Coleus Forskohilii - 20%

Blood presure, heart support, skin health, menstrual symptoms, sleep, eye health, blood clots Medications for high blood pressure, medications that increase blood flow to the hear

Colloidal Silver

Super-oxygenated pure non-GMO Solution Antibacterial, antiviral, wound care, ear infection symptoms, oral health, pink eye symptoms, immune system Antibiotics

Copper Bisglycinate 10%

Anti-inflammatory, red blood cell, melanin production, skin care, brain stimulant, anti-aging, energy production, thyroid health Penicillamine, overconsumption (10+ mg daily)

Cordyceps Sinensis

Mushroom Hormonal health, heart support, immune system, blood sugar level, kidney health, anti-aging, mood, energy, general health Cyclophosphamide, immunosuppressants

Chrysin 98%

Anti-inflammation, antioxidant, testosterone level, liver protection, brain health, bodybuilding, energy Medications for estrogen sensitive cancers

Dandelion Root

Taraxacum officinale Immune system, digestive support, detox, liver support, antioxidant, kidney health, blood pressure, sugar level Antibiotics, Lithium


Didehydroepiandrosterone Cognitive function, mood, anti-aging, hormone levels, skin health, heart support, nflammation, energy, brain function, sleep Anastrozole, exemestane, fulvestrant, overconsumption (100+ mg daily)

Diatomaceous Earth

Fossil shell flour Cholesterol levels, skin and hair health, oral support, teeth cleaning, detoxifying agent, parasite cleanse, joint and bones health

DiCalcium Malate

Pure powder Circulation, blood flow, oral support, teeth health, bone health, strength muscle, maintenance, kidney support, menstrual symptoms Ceftriaxone, antibiotics, overconsumption (1300+ mg daily)


Enzyme complex powder Digestive function, muscle growth, detox, immune system, weight loss


Diindolylmethane Antioxidant, weight loss, liver support, menstrual symptoms, prostate support, hormone balance, fat loss, metabolism Medications changed by the liver, overconsumption (600+ mg daily)


DiMagnesium Malate Powder Heart support, strong bones, kidney health, mood, energy levels, toxic metals, skin health Antibiotics, bisphosphonates

Dimethyl Glycine

HCL Vitamin B16 Behavioral support, energy , brain, mood, immune system, anti-aging, kidney support, blood sugar, nervous system

Dong Quai Root

Angelica sinensis Menopausal symptoms, heart support, blood pressure, menstrual symptoms, joint health, skin health, hormonal balance, detox Medications that slow blood clotting, Warfarin

Echinacea Purp Root

Echinacea purpurea Imunne system, antiviral, mood, anti-Inflammatory, skin health, mental health, oxygen transport, antioxidant Caffeine, medications changed by the body

Echinacea Purp

Echinacea purpurea Imunne system, antiviral, mood, anti-Inflammatory, skin health, mental health, oxygen transport, antioxidant Caffeine, medications changed by the body


Vitamin D2 Calcium balance, muscle strength, immune system, glucose levels, mood, kidney function, heart support, skin and hair health Aluminum, Calcipotriene, Digoxin, overconsumption (10,000+ IU daily)


Natural granular sugar Blood sugar control, antioxidant effect, heart support, teeth health, anti-aging, digestive support, endothelial protection Overconsumption (59+ g)


Foeniculum vulgare Brain function, production of hemoglobin, laxative effect, blood pressure, immune system, menstrual symptoms, eye care Contraceptive drugs, Ciprofloxacin, Estrogens


Trigonella foenum-grecum Digestive system, metabolism, appetite control, antioxidant, menstrual discomfort, kidney support, blood sugar control Antidiabetes drugs, anticoagulant/antiplatelet drugs, warfarin

FiberSol-2 Fiber

Resistant maltodextrin Pre-Biotic soluble Digestive support, bowel health, weight loss, appetite control, laxative effect


Agglomerated Digestive support, bowel health, weight loss, appetite control, laxative effect


Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid Mood, focus, hormone release, nervous system, menstrual symptoms, muscle growth, metabolism, brain support, anti-aging


Garcinia cambogia Weight loss, appetite control, anti-inflammatory, saturated fat levels, joint health, bowel support, antiparasitic

Garlic Extract

Allium sativum L. Heart health, blood presure, antimicrobial, antiviral, hair health, blood sugar level, brain support, immune system, antioxidant Isoniazid, medications used for HIV/AIDS, Saquinavir


Zingiber officinale Immune system, respiratory function, digestive support, anti-fungal, weight loss, anti-inflammatory, menstrual symptoms Medications that slow blood clotting, Phenprocoumon, Warfarin


Ginkgo biloba Mental function, energy levels, mood, memory, concentration, eye health, menstrual symptoms, blood presure, anti-inflammatory Ibuprofen, Anticoagulant / Antiplatelet drugs, Warfarin


Panax ginseng Mental function, mood, anti-stress, energy, memory, sleep, blood sugar levels, immune system, anti-Inflammatory, weight loss Alcohol, caffeine, furosemide, insulin


Amorphophallus konjac Weight loss, natural prebiotic, immune function, hormonal balance, mood, heart health, gut health, blood sugar level Antidiabetes drugs, oral drugs


Natural Tripeptide of Amino Acids Glycine, Glutamine&Cysteine General health, immune system, antioxidant, detox, anti-aging, liver support, memory, brain support, mood, sleep, heart health


Amino acid powder Metabolism, digestive system, nervous system, mood, sleep, energy, memory, hormone system, anti-aging, blood sugar Clozapine

Graviola guanabana

Annona muricata Immune system, mood support, digestive system, antioxidant, energy, antimicrobial, blood sugar level

Green Coffee Arabica 50%

Antioxidant, metabolism, fat loss, appetite control, blood circulation, energy, natural detoxification, immune system, skin health

Green Tea

Camellia sinensis Weight loss, antioxidant, blood sugar level, immune system, heart health, anti-viral, digestive system, nervous system Stimulant drugs

Guar Gum

Cyamopsis tetragonoloba Weight loss, lower cholesterol, blood sugar level, appetite control, laxative effect, bowel health Ethinyl estradiol, antidiabetes drugs, metformin


Gymnema sylvestre Blood sugar balance, control cravings, weight loss, anti-bacterial, cardiovascular system, laxative, stimulating digestion Insulin, antidiabetes drugs

Hawthorn berry

Crataegus pinnatifida Heart support, blood pressure, immune system, mood, digestive suport, skin health, metabolism, energy levels, antioxidant Digoxin, beta-blockers, medications for high blood pressure, medications for male sexual dysfunction

Hemp Protein

Cannabis sativa Protein source, anti-stress, anti- anxious, energy levels, strengthens hair, muscle support, metabolism, cholesterol levels Sedative medications, Theophylline

Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium grandiflorum Testosterone production, estrogen levels, sexual health, circulation, cortisol levels, bone health, muscle mass, hormones balance Medications for high blood pressure, Anticoagulant / Antiplatelet drugs

Hyaluronic Acid

High Molecular Weight Sodium Hyaluronate Skin health, anti-aging, joint support, eye discomfort, wound healing

Hyaluronic Acid

Medium Moleclar Weight Sodium Hyaluronate Skin health, anti-aging, joint support, eye discomfort, wound healing


Hydrogen Peroxide Wound care, mouthwash, foot fungus, skin damage, detoxifying bath, antibacterial, tooth whitening, washing


Vitamin B8 Mental health, mood, anti-anxiety, hair health, sleep, memory, circulation, menstrual symptoms, cholesterol levels, hormone levels

Inositol HexaNicotinate

HexaNiacinate Blood circulation, blood clotting, heart support, brain support, blood presure, mood regulation, skin health, weight loss, liver health Antidiabetes drugs, medications that slow blood clotting


Jerusalem Artichoke Growth of bifidobacteria, immune system, digestive support, laxative effect, weight loss, appetite control, bone health, bowel support

Iodine Crystal Beads

ACS Grade Immune system, thyroid gland support, skin&hair care, metabolic function, mood, energy, hormonal activity, cognitive abilities Antithyroid drug, overconsumption (2,000+ mg daily)


Inositol Hexaphos Immune system, antioxidant properties, skin and hair health, healthy organ function, eye health, kidney support, heart health Anticoagulant / Antiplatelet drugs

Irish Moss

Chondrus crispus Anti-viral, antioxidant, heart health, weight loss, hair growth, source of energy, respiratory problems, mental health, skin health Medications for high blood pressure

Kava Kava

Kavalactones Nervous system support, anti-axiety, mood, sleep, mental health, liver support, muscles relaxing, menstrual symptoms, stress Alprazolam, sedative medications

Pro-Biotic Lactospore

L. sporogenes - Lactic Acid Digestive support, bowel health, balance the friendly bacteria, skin health, immune system, weight loss, diarrhea symptoms Antibiotic drugs


Sunflower Heart health, brain health, liver support, antioxidant, nervous system, blood pressure, memory, cognitive function

Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis Antioxidant, anti-axiety, mood, sleep, anti-stress, memory, stomach support, appearance, brain cells, blood sugar, liver support Sedative medications

Lemon Juice Powder

Spray Dried Imunne system, antioxidant, blood flow, circulation, skin health, bone health, weight loss, heart support, oxidative stress


Essential Amino Acid Powder Energy, muscle recovery, blood sugar, hormone balance, brain function, liver support, increase strength, weight loss Levodopa, antidiabetes drugs


Glycyrrhiza glabra Anti-axiety, anti-stess, immune system, respiratory problems, menstrual symptoms, heart support, skin care, detoxifying the body Warfarin

Lime Juice Powder

Natural Spray Dried Immune system, antioxidant properties, skin and hair health, healthy organ function, eye health, kidney support, heart health Medications changed by the liver

Longiack 100:1

Mood, calm, sleep, blood pressure, detox, appetite stimulant, energy, hormone balance, metabolism, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory


L-Lysine Monohydrochloride Anti-axiety, blood sugar level, anti-inflammatory, bone strength, heart support, athletic performance, herpes virus symptoms Calcium supplements

Maca Root

Lepidium meyenii Energy, athletic performance, memory, mood, menstrual symptoms, immune system, hormone imbalance, sexual performance

Magnesium Ascorbate

Natural USP Buffered Vitamin C Immune system, normal collagen formation, energy-yielding metabolism, nervous system support, antioxidant, muscle function Aluminum, estrogens, Fluphenazine

Magnesium Bisglycinate - 10%

Nervous system regulation, energy creation, relaxation of muscles, protein formation, brain function, mood, anti-Inflammatory Antibiotics

Magnesium Citrate

TriMagnesium Citrate Bowel support, bone health, menstrual symptoms, wight loss, sleep, laxative effect, brain support, energy levels, blood sugar level Antibiotics

Magnesium Sulfate

Nerve function, mood, circulation, digestion support, anti-stress, energy levels, blood pressure regulation, protein synthesis Antibiotics

Maitake Mushroom

Grifola frondosa Immune function, antioxidant, blood sugar management, heart helper, blood cells, general health Antidiabetes drugs

Malic Acid

DL Energy production, metabolism, muscle recovery, scin care, oral hygiene support, detoxification, discomfort management Medications for high blood pressure

Malic Acid

L Energy production, metabolism, muscle recovery, scin care, oral hygiene support, detoxification, discomfort management Medications for high blood pressure


Natural sugar alternative Dental care, "0" calories and carbs, blood sugar control, digestive system support Overconsumption (100+ gm daily)


Organic Tapioca Digestive system, muscle suport, energy, recover from training, exercise performance, source of easily absorbed carbs

Manganese Bisglycinate 16%

Bone metabolism, metabolic activities. blood sugar level, brain function, nervous system, anti-inflammatory, thyroid health Antibiotics, overconsumption (11+ mg daily)


Garcinia mangostana Antioxidant, bloodflow, blood presure, anti-inflammatory, skin health, weight loss, menstrual symptoms, immune system, heart health


Natural Urinary Tract Urinary tract health, bladder health, healthy balance of flora, digestive health, immune system, anti-viral, anti-fugal, antibacterial


Althaea officinalis Skin health, hair growth, anti-fungus, eye health, digestive support, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, blood sugar level, throat health Lithium, medications for diabetes


Natural sleep hormone Sleeping problems, brain, gut health, anti-aging, fertility, mental health, eye health, vision, nerve cells, blood pressure, hair loss Sedative medications


Vitamin B12 Nervous system, brain support, mood, sleep, memory, skin health, anti-inflammatory, energy level, hormonal balance, heart support Chloramphenicol


Dry milk powder Source of vitamins, source of calcium, immune system, reproductive system, bone health, joint support, teeth health, overall health

Milk Thistle

Silybum marianum Detox the liver, high cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, heart health, blood sugar levels, gastrointestinal systems, skin health, anti-aging Medications changed by the liver

Molasses Powder

Blackstrap Anti-stress, menstrual symptoms, skin health, antioxidant, weight loss, sexual health, bone health, cardiovascular support, blood cell


Methylsulfonylmethane Skin health, complexion, joint flexibility, detox, hair, nails, energy levels, anti-inflammatory, gut health, muscle pain, anti-stress

Mucuna Pruriens 40%

Brain function, mood, nervous system, overall health, energy levels, endurance, muscle pain, joint support, bone health, blood flow Medications for depression, Methyldopa

Muira Puama

Muira Puama Bark Central nervous system, sleep, memory, mood, sexual function, menstrual symptoms, cognitive function, reproductive system


Verbascum thapsus Anti-Inflammatory, digestive health, skin health, calm mood, joint support, ear infection, anti-bacerial, hemorrhoids symptoms Anticoagulant/antiplatelet drugs

Myrrh Powder

Commiphora Myrrha Antioxidant, heart support, arthritis symptoms, fever symptoms, menstrual symptoms, teeth health, nervous system, circulation Medications for diabetes, overconsumption (4+ grams daily)

N-Acetyl L-Cystein

NAC Antioxidant, lung function, liver support, mental health, mood, sleep, bone regeneration, kidney support, liver detoxification Nitroglycerin

Nascent Iodine 2%

Thyroid function, metabolism regulation, energy levels, detoxification systems, immune system function, natural antiseptic Medications for an overactive thyroid, overconsumption (1100+ mcg daily)


Azadirachta indica Skin health, immune system, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, sexual organ health, antibacterial, detox, gastric health, oral health Lithium, medications for diabetes

Nettle Leaf

Urtica dioica Urinary tract health, joint support, anti-inflammatory, hair growth, promote lactation, hemorrhoids symptoms, menstrual symptoms Lithium, medications for diabetes


Vitamin B3 Metabolism, circulation, heart health, blood sugar levels, skin function, energy levels, blood pressure, liver support, gastric health Alcohol (ethanol), overconsumption (3+ grams daily)

Nutriose Fiber

Resistant Pre-Biotic Corn Fiber Gut health, digestive system, weight loss, laxative effect, healthy microflora, immune system function, bowel suport

Olive Leaf

Olea europaea Cardiovascular health, brain function, immune system support, blood pressure, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, skin health, energy levels Medications for diabetes

Orotic Acid

Vitamin B13 Energy levels, muscle support, pyrimidine metabolism, heart function, strong bones, liver support, hair & nails health


Vitamin B10 Skin support, hair loss, healthy flora, headache symptoms, red blood cells, gut health, digestion support, female fertility Antibiotics, Dapsone


Imunne system, antioxidant, wounds healing, prostate support, skin health, digestive health, proteolytic enzyme, anti-inflammatory

Passion Flower

Passiflora Incarnata Sleep, mood, anti-axiety, drug withdrawals, nervous system, relaxing, insulin levels, nutritive support, blood pressure, heart health Sedative medications

Pau d'Arco

Tabebuia impetiginosa Candida symptoms, pH balance, sugar addiction, anti-inflamatory, antiviral, anti-fungal, detox, stomach support, digestive health Medications that slow blood clotting

Pea Protein

Source of lysine, stomach support, low-carb, muscle builder, heart support, lose weight, kidney support, control blood sugar level


Mentha piperita Digestive health, menstrual symptoms, skin health, energy levels, bowel health, headache symptoms, breastfeeding discomfort Cyclosporine, medications changed by the liver


Mental health, mood, focus, dopamine levels, brain support, skin health, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, symptoms of depression Levodopa, medications for mental conditions


Beta-Sitosterol Powder Antioxidant support, healthy cholesterol level, hair health, prostate health support, anti-aging, collagen production, free radicals Ezetimibe

Pine Bark

Pinus strobus Glucose levels, blood sugar levels, immune system, antibacterial, skin health, anti-inflammatory, free radicals, muscle recovering Medications that decrease the immune system


Mushroom Nervous system, anti-axiety, mood, memory, brain support, sleep, stomach support, fluid retention, kidney function, antioxidnt

Potassium Ascorbate

Vitamin C Powder Circulation support, collagen support, antioxidant, heart health support, skin health, alcohol withdrawals, headache symptoms Alendronate, Ciprofloxacin, Doxycycline, Levothyroxine, Minocycline

Potassium Bicarbonate

USP food grade Healthy bladder function, digestive system support, pH levels balance, buffering agent, dental health, skin problems

Potassium Carbonate

USP food grade Acidity regulator, pain relief, weakness

Potassium Citrate

TriPotassium Citrate Monohydrate Skin health, nail and hair health, blood flow, circulation, wellness, general health, chemicals in the body, kidney stone condition

Potassium Iodide

USP food grade Hormone balance, detox, infection-free bladder function, control water weight, radiation exposure, anti-fungal Medications for an overactive thyroid


Organic Probiotics Digestive support, healthy gut flora, respiratory infections, bowel support, immune system, overall health, weight loss Antibiotic drugs


Essential Amino Acid Skin health support, muscle health, joint support, injury support, overall health, circulation support, brain function, membrane health

Psyllium Husk

Plantago ovata Weight control, intestinal health, appetite control, digestion support, natural laxative, source of fibre, control blood sugars Carbamazepine, Lithium


Vitamin B6 Nervous system, energy levels support, immune system support, red blood cels, brain health, heart suport, sleep, mood Amiodarone, Phenobarbital

Pyridoxine HCL

Vitamin B6 Metabolic function, overall imunne system, red blood cells, hormone system support, tiredness, lack of appetite, energy levels Amiodarone, Phenobarbital

Raspberry Ketone

Pure synthesized crystalline powder Metabolism, weight loss, fat oxidation, energy levels, anti-aging, heart support, anti-inflammatory, appetite control Overconsumption (1000+ mg daily)

Raspberry Leaf

Rubus idaeus Healthy connective tissue, energy metabolism, muscle suport, menstrual symptoms, respiratory system suport, vitamin deficiencies

Red Yeast Rice

Monascus purpureus Cholesterol levels, blood circulation support, indigestion, stomach support, digestion system, heart health, blood pressure levels Alcohol


Rehmannia glutinosa Cognitive performance, brain health, gastrointestinal health, anti-inflammatory, menopause symptoms, antioxidant, testosterone Medications for diabetes

Reishi Mushroom

Polysaccharides Antioxodant, immune system support, anti-stress, anti-axiety, anti-inflammatory, sleep, gut health, brain support, heart health Medications for high blood pressure


Polygoni cuspidatium Anti-aging, antioxidant, muscle growth, sex hormones, bone support, glucose balance, liver health, antiviral, antibacterial, brain Medications changed by the liver


Rhodiola rosea Energy levels, mental capacity, sexual function, nervous system, anti-aging, heart health, blood sugar health, anti-inflammatory


Rheum palmatum Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, bone health, metabolism, stomach support, digestive health, menopausal symptoms Medications for inflammation, Digoxin


Vitamin B2 Nervous system support, energy metabolism, blood health, immune system support, hair health, memory, mental health, headaches

Rice Protein

Brown rice protein сoncentrate Protein source, protein absorption, source of fiber, blood sugar control, stomach problems, anti-inflammatory, hemorrhoids symptoms

Salicylic Acid

Vitamin B11 Immune system, metabolism support, calm mood, appetite improvement, skin health, brain support, mucous membranes support


Schisandra chinensis Cardiovascular health, circulation, blood flow, anti-stress, antioxidant, mental health, liver support, energy levels, respiratory system Medications changed by the liver

Sea Salt

Unrefined pink Sea salt High mineral content, detoxifier, balance fluids, electrolyte source, respiratory health, sinus health, bone strench, vascular health

Selenium Glycinate 1%

Antioxidant activity, healthy metabolism, thyroid health, reproductive system support, blood flow, anti-inflammatory, antiviral Medications that slow blood clotting

Shitake Mushroom

Mycelium extract powder Immune system, heart health, blood sugar levels control, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, brain function, energy

Slippery Elm

Ulmus fulva Digestive function support, immune system, antioxidant, bowel system support, respiratory health, blood flow, detoxify the body Medications taken by mouth

Sodium Bicarbonate

Crystalline powder Digestive system strength, balance of pH levels, buffering agent, weight loss, skin health, energy, bowel cleansing, indigestion

Sodium Carbonate

Soda Ash Balance of pH levels, indigestion, anti-caking agent, oral health, natural preservative, natural deodorant, athletic performance

Sodium Citrate

TriSodium citrate dihydrate Tract infection, laxative effect, exercise performance, food additive, antioxidant, healthy circulation, blood flow, balance of pH levels

Sodium Percarbonate

SPC - Hydrogen Peroxide Powder Cleaning, whitening, balance of pH levels, teeth whitening, laundry aid


Arthrospira platensis Heavy metals, blood pressure levels, energy levels, weight loss, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, triglyceride levels, muscle strength Medications that decrease the immune system

St. John's Wort

0.3% Hypericin Skin care, natural anti-depressant, anti-axiety, mood, hormonal balance, drug withdrawals, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure


Stevia rebaudiana Weight loss, oral health, reduce blood sugar, strong bones, skin care, heart support, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cholesterol levels


Anti-stress, energy production, insulin health, testosterone production, oxidative stress, muscle support, cardiovascular health Lithium

Thiamin HCL

Vitamin B1 Overall health, red blood cells, circulation, nervous system support, memory, anti-aging, digestive function, sleep, weight loss, brain

Trace Mineral Complex

Ionic Healthy circulation, fluid balance, blood flow, brain function, cells support, water pressure balance, healthy growth, development

Tribulus Terrestris - 45%

Muscle building, hormone system support, circulatory system, strength, endocrine function health, male reproductive health Lithium interacts, medications for diabetes


Natural Extract Immune system support, digestion function health, nervous system, bowel support, blood circulation, weight loss, antioxidant, skin


TriSodium Phosphate Anhydrous Digestive system support, acidity regulation, exercise performance, degreasing agent, cleaning agent


Essential free form amino acid powder Sleep, mood, anti-anxiety, appetite control, memory, mental health, menstrual symptoms, eye protect, exercise perfomance, behavior Medications for depression, sedative medications


Curcuma longa Immune system, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, brain function suport, heart health, mood, mental health, anti-aging, skin care, pain Medications that slow blood clotting

Turpentine Spirits

Anti-fungal, antiparasitic, joint health, antiviral, urinary tract health, lung support, muscle and nerve pain


Free form amino acid powder Brain function, thyroid health, adrenal function, brain function support, memory, sleep, mental performance, focus, mood Levodopa interacts, thyroid hormone

Uva Ursi

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Urinary tract health, immune system, cardiovascular system support, kidney health, blood pressure, muscle support, weight loss Lithium

Valerian 20:1

Brain function support, mood, sleep, hyperactivity, memory, menopausal symptoms, anti-anxiety, heart health, muscle tension, pain Alcohol, Alprazolam, sedative medications

Vanadium Chelavite

Blood sugar control, cholesterol levels, heart health, water retention, bone health, carbohydrate metabolism, teeth development Medications for diabetes, overconsumption (1.8+ mg daily)


Organic powder Weight loss, blood sugar levels, sinus problems, circulation, skin health, infection, digestive system, stomach suport, antioxidant Digoxin, Insulin


Vinca minor seed Cognitive function, brain circulation, memory, mood, annti-inflammatory, oxidative stress, metabolism, mitochondrial function

White Willow 50%

Weight loss, oral health, skin care, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, menstrual symptoms, stomach support, matabolism, pain-relieving Medications that slow blood clotting


Artemisia absinthium Digestive system support, immune system, appetite stimulation, muscle relaxation, antiparasitic effect, anti-anxiety, bowel health Medications used to prevent seizures

Xanthan TF

Extra fine powder Digestive system health, blood pressure levels, natural food preservative, laxative effect, blood sugar control, cholesterol levels Medications for diabetes, overconsumption (15+ grams daily)


Low calorie natural granular sugar alternative Dental care, control glucose and insulin levels, weight loss, sinus health, strong bones, immune system, antibacterial properties Overconsumption (50+ grams daily)


Pausinystalia yohimbe Blood sugar regulation, energy levels, fat loss, performance, blood pressure balance, appetite control, anti-aging, hormonal balance Medications for depression


Yucca schidigera Anti-inflammatory, antioxidnt, digestive health, weight loss, heart health, cognitive function, skin protection, eye health, immune system

Zinc Bisglycinate 20%

Pain relief, metabolism, stomach support, skin care, antiviral, immune function, anti-inflammatory, cell growth, muscle building, energy Celecoxib, Ibuprofen

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