Stevia - 98% Pure Reb A - Pharmaceutical Grade Leaf Extract (Stevia rebaudiana) - 300-X Concentrate

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Stevia - 98% Pure Reb A - Pharmaceutical Grade Leaf Extract (Stevia rebaudiana) - 300-X Concentrate
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Stevia is a natural sweetener and sugar alternative that is over 300 times sweeter than sugar. There is no promotion of tooth decay when using Stevia and there are ZERO calories per serving! Reb A Stevia is a natural extract which comes from the stevia plant that can be used as a sweetener in foods and beverages. Stevia does not create blood sugar spikes and is diabetic safe.


  • Reb a stevia extract 98%
  • Safe for Type I & II Diabetics
  • GMO-Free - Contains NO Genetically Modified Organisms and/or Ingredients
  • No chemical processing as associated with Splenda®, NutraSweet® or Saccharin
We provide only the highest quality Stevia available on the market today.


Nutritional Information

Suggested Use: Sweeter than table sugar. Measure and use lighter than you would regular sugar. Start with using a small amount, then adjust until desired sweetness.

Nutritional Facts

Ingredients: Rebaudioside A Natural Stevia Extract

Net Wt.: (12 oz) 340 gms *multiply by size option

High Intensity Powder Sweetener System

98% Reb A – (Not Less than 95%)

NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING - Sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives.

This product does not contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, wheat, soy or gluten. Contains allergen free corn extracts. Reb A Stevia Extract Sweetener has a very low glycemic index.

All ingredients are FDA approved and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) rated. 

Re-Seal after use. Store in a Cool / Dry place.

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Stevia Leaves


3 reviews

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    Really clean sweet taste

    This Stevia Reb A is very pure. I can't detect any aftertaste. Plus it's very concentrated. Really seems 300X sweeter than sugar as delivered (unlike many competitive products that... after mentioning that stevia (or the Rebaudioside A component) is 300X sweeter than sugar... THEN deliver to you a product diluted with other ingredients that is not nearly that sweet. Because this product IS concentrated, it's actually a good deal economically on sweetening. You just have to be sure not to use too much.

  • 5

    Sweetner without the extra crap

    This is extremely high grade and a very little bit goes a long ways. one tsp will sweeten 6-10 gallons of liquid ( such as Ice tea). I recommend u add small amounts like 1/16 tsp per gallon and add 1/16 if you desire any more..

  • 5

    Stevia review from 25 year stevia user

    'Sincerely appreciate the excellent personalized, educational and helpful customer service I received and timely shipment, will be a customer for life. Thanks, Eileen"

Stevia - 98% Pure Reb A - Pharmaceutical Grade Leaf Extract (Stevia rebaudiana) - 300-X Concentrate

MSRP: $24.99 - $3,873.74
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