Malic Acid (DL) - USP Food Grade Granular (For Flavoring Use Only)

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Malic Acid (DL) - USP Food Grade Granular (For Flavoring Use Only)
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DL-Malic Acid is a 50/50 blend of a Synthetic Form and a Natural Form of Malic Acid. This can NOT be used with formulas which require an "Organic" designation.  This form is perfectly acceptable for use with food and beverages, but should not be used for medical or health purposes.  Malic acid significantly affects the body's metabolism and energy production system, and assists greatly with muscle recovery and in facial skin care products. Malic Acid may be used in foods to add tartness and has been noted as an effective teeth whitener as well. Malic acid is commonly used for chronic fatigue or low energy levels among other conditions.


  • Dissolves easily in any food or beverage
  • Adds sour taste and flavor as food additive
  • Promotes the Krebs Cycle– strengthening muscles
  • Targets areas with high levels of fatty and amino acids
  • Safe for use in all foods, drinks and skin products

Prescribed For Life supplies the finest Malic Acid powder available. It's also Kosher and Halal certified. We offer size options for individual or commercial use and volume ordering at wholesale prices.

If you're looking for all natural Malic Acid, the L-Malic Acid is the only 100% natural form of Malic Acid in powder form. Regular malic acid powder is 50% synthetic as pertains to most competitors on the market today.


Supplement Information

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: ¼ Level Teaspoon (1 gm)

Serving Equals: 1,000 mg

Servings per 1lb Container: 2,270 *multiply by size option

Calories per 100 gms: 239 Kcal

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Malic Acid (DL) - USP Food Grade Granular (For Flavoring Use Only)

MSRP: $46.24 - $527.49
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