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Water Treatment System Info

Water Treatment System Info

Everything you need to know about proper water treatment, and the best home water treatment systems you can buy.

Articles on Water Treatment and Filtration

The 8 Stages of Water Filtration

Water is generally contaminated and acidic. Learn how to treat your water for optimal health.

The Benefits of Tourmaline for Water Filtration

Tourmaline is the only mineral to  show permanent electricity on earth and a natural source of negative  ions and far infra-red rays. It has the power to reduce water molecule  size, to provide structured water, making it more absorbable by the  body, improve circulation, activate cells, support detoxification and improve immunity.

How 6 and 7 Stage Water Filtration Works

Purify water, remove silt, sediment and heavy metals. Get rid of fluoride in your drinking water.

KDF Water Treatment

A new and unique form of water processing with oxidation / reduction to remove unwanted contaminants.

GAC Water Treatment

GAC, Granular Activated Carbon, is known as the miracle filter by researchers.

Water Treatment FAQ

What is Ionized, Structugray, Alkalinized, water? Should I remove chlorine? Why do I need a filtration system? All these questions are answered in this helpful resource.

The Best Home Water Treatment Systems

Water filtration and treatment is an absolute priority for every family. If you are committed to optimal health, purifying your water will be one of the best decisions you've ever made. We have very affordable water treatment systems that alkalize your water, completely removed fluoride (optional), and that gets rid of unwanted contaminants. You won't have to spend any more money on bottled water, which in actuality, causes disease.

After you buy a water treatment system, you'll just need to purchase very affordable replacement filters every 12 to 18 months.

PFL Water Treatment

PFL's Triple Cartridge Countertop Water Filters & Treatment System eliminates the impurities of tap water to offer a pure,  therapeutic, great tasting water. The perfect solution for any  household, it is quick and easy to install and use, NO electricity,  attractive, convenient, and effectively removes hundreds of contaminants from water.

This solid state water filter and treatment system,  uses the latest technologies that blend the adsorption capabilities of  coconut shell activated carbon and 6 stage micro-filtration, with an  anti-oxidant rich -ORP (REDOX) producing apparatus. There is a 7th Stage  available which removes Fluoride, Arsenic and Lead. The proprietary Alka-Pi Tourmaline Treatment cartridge produces a natural source of  negative ions and far infra-red rays, which reduce water molecular size,  creating "structured water", which is more absorbable by the body,  improves circulation, activates cells and improves immunity.

This home water treatment system does no use electricity or have breakable parts.

About Water Contamination

As our population increases our water quality and supply is deteriorating. Water Authorities are having to add more and more chemicals to  disinfect and guard against dangerous E.coli, including Salmonella  Typhi, Vibrio Cholera, Shigella as well as Giardia & Cryptosporidium  parasites.

Add to this the byproducts of chlorination, which include  Chloroform, Pesticide and Insecticide residues, the health effects of  these toxic chemicals range from kidney damage to cancer.

Councils around the country are also advocating fluoridation of  their local water supplies, with more and more residents now ingesting  this questionable mineral.

With 70% of our body made up of water, drinking 6 - 8 glasses  of the proper kind of safe water will safeguard your health and the  health of your family and is a great start to a healthy and active life.