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FLABerator™ - Multi-Nutrient Herbal Weight Management & Intestinal Cleansing Powder

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 Product Description


The FLABeratorThe Ultimate Weight Loss Supplement Powder

The FLABerator is a whole body, organ and organ cleanseification and natural weight loss system with intestinal cleansers and excessive metal cleanse support. It works in a multifaceted manner, supporting the body in the ultimate cleanse. The Absorber is the perfect way to cleanseify the body and promote proper digestive health! It softens and breaks down the undigested food in the body, which can cause the body to slow down and feel sluggish. 


  • Binds and carries way waste
  • Absorbs intestinal poisons
  • Reduces & Prevents Further Toxic Buildup
  • Deodorizes intestinal tract
  • Rejuvenates intestinal lining
  • Relieves sluggish feeling caused by heavy stomach buildup
  • Creates a lighter, cleaner feeling in the body
The FLABerator has no harmful or unpleasant side effects and is GMO-free (Contains NO Genetically Modified oOrganisms and/or Ingredients). We use NO chemical processing and only FDA GRAS rated ingredients (Generally Recognized as Safe).


Nutritional Information

Nutrition Facts:    Take 3 servings daily, before meals. 

Shake vigorously in 8 oz water or juice.  Follow with 8 oz more water.

Servings Per Container:  45  Serving Size: 1 Well Rounded Tbsp  (~8.8g)

Amount Per Serving                                                      % Daily Value

Inositol HexaNiacinate  ( Niacin)                       25 mg                         96%   

Methylcobalamin- Natural Vitamin B12                10 mcg                      163%

Chromium Chelavite-Amino Acid Chelate           40 mcg                        33%

Vanadium Chelavite-Amino Acid Chelate           10 mcg                          *

L-Carnitine Fumarate                                      107 mg                           *

Proprietary Herbal Blend Containing the Following:

Apple Fiber, Psyllium Husk Powder, Konjac Root Powder, Ionic Trace Mineral Complex, Vegetarian Digestive Enzyme Complex, Resveratrol-50%, 7-Keto, Coleus Forskohlii ext-20% Forskohlin, Rodiola Rosea ext 3% Rosavin, 5-HTP, Raspberry Ketone - US Made, 50% Egcg(Standardized ext), Green Arabica Coffee Bean ext. – 50% chlorogenic acid, African Mango ext - 10:1, CLA - Conjugated Lenoleic Acid, gym Sylvestre - 55% Gymnemic Acid, Cassia Nomame ext. - 20:1, Boswellia-65% Boswelic Acid, Diatomaceous Earth (food grade), BioPerine (Black Pepper ext), Butternut Root Bark ext 4:1, Rhubarb ext 20:1, Buckthorn Bark ext 4:1, Chlorella-Organic Cracked Cell wall, Raspberry Leaf ext 4:1, Irish Moss, Milk Thistle ext 80% Silymarin, Burdock ext 10:1, Triphala 40% (Amalaki, Haritaki, Bibhitaki), Licorice Root ext 26%, Slippery Elm Bark, fennel-4t1 Seed ext 4:1, Marshmallow ext 20:1, Turmeric ext 95% curcumin, Wormwood ext 4:1, Cayenne ext 10:1, Uva Ursi ext 20%, Peppermint Leaf ext 4:1, Barberery ext 4:1, Ginger Root ext 20:1 and Vinpocetine


Net Wt.  397 gms   14 oz

Technical Data

The Absorber is a proprietary blend formulated to cleanseify and cleanse the intestines, stomach and body.

Made in the USA, with FDA approved ingredients, specifically formulated for food and beverage applications.

Psyllium Seed Husks – Plantago psyllium

Psyllium Seed Husks is one of the most popular and highest sources of dietary fiber. It has been used for centuries for the treatment of constipation, ulcers, colitis and as an aid in bowel management for patients with hemorrhoids. It has also been found that Psyllium can help decrease the bad saturated fat in the blood while it raises the good kind of saturated fat required by our bodies. This natural product that softens the stools and cleans the intestines is easy and gentle on the system. It has the ability to swell up to 50 times its initial volume when added to liquid. This bulking action can play an important role in maintaining regularity and gastrointestinal health.

It is FDA approved and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) rated.

Apple Fiber

Apple Pectin has been used for centuries to promote healthy digestion, while acting as a natural dietary supplement. This ingredient stimulates healthy heart function by providing the body with a way to trap carbs before they attach to the fatty acids. Apple Pectin is also used to reduce the risk of high saturated fat, lower digestive tract dysfunction and damage to the large intestine. Many studies have shown that Apple Pectin provides the body with similar results to adequate intake of prebiotics. Apple pectin is a powdered preparation extracted from dried apples using acidified water and precipitated by grain alcohol, purified and dried. It is a fiber that may be beneficial for saturated fat levels, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), blood sugar imbalances, and may inhibit cellular break-down metastases. Apple pectin fiber aids in correcting constipation, and promotes digestive health by promoting a healthy intestinal flora. Well tolerated by most highly allergic individuals, Apple pectin is a very popular dietary supplement.

It is FDA approved and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rated.

Konjac Root Extract - Glucomannon

Konjac Root allows the body to maintain and control the absorption of saturated fat and glucose, reducing the risk of high saturated fat or blood sugar imbalances. This ingredient is commonly used as a weight loss supplement and laxative. Konjac Root provides the body with pure rooted fiber to cleanse the system for optimal function.

It is FDA approved and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rated.

Ionic Trace Mineral Complex


Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade


Ginger Root Extract

Very few plants have more history than ginger. Native to South Asia, it quickly became one of the most important spices in the 16th and 17th centuries and was shipped throughout the New World. As one of the most important herbs in Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicines, it is used to treat a number of conditions ranging from digestive upset to arthritis. The part used medicinally and in cooking is the underground stem, or rhizome, which is available in many forms.

Most research has concentrated on the use of ginger in treating nausea and vomiting, especially motion sickness. The majority of clinical trials show that ginger can decrease some of the symptoms of motion sickness, including sea sickness, when compared to a placebo and to some conventional antinausea drugs. Ginger products may also be of help in decreasing nausea caused by anesthetics and may be useful in morning sickness. Large doses of ginger (greater than 5 g per day) may also be useful in treating joint and muscle pains.

It is FDA approved and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rated.

Peppermint Leaf

Peppermint is actually quite a new plant, being a hybrid of two other kinds of mint, probably water mint and spearmint. Like all other mints, it is rich in volatile oils, which accounts for its aromatic scent. Most research has focused on the use of peppermint in digestive conditions. Constituents found in the herb appear to aid digestion, relieve nausea and ease spasms, possibly by affecting how calcium is used by the muscles. A recent review of all the clinical studies suggests that enteric- coated peppermint oil is effective in treating irritable bowel disease. Peppermint tea can also be used for colds and flu. In a recent clinical trial, massaging peppermint oil with eucalyptus oil onto the temples relieved headaches.

fennel-4t1 Extract


Digezyme - Vegetarian Digestive Enzyme Complex


Cayenne Extract

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